Thomson Reuters offers REPORTING Course in LONDON

Thomson Reuters offers REPORTING Course in LONDON

Thomson Reuters offers REPORTING Course in LONDON

Print, broadcast and online journalists from all over the world can apply for fellowships to attend a course in London. TrustMedia, a Thomson Reuters Foundation Service, offers this reporting course about governance and corruption. Participants will learn how to decipher financial documents, use investigative techniques to expose corruption and more.
Applicants must be working as journalists or regular contributors to print, broadcast or online media organizations. They must have at least two years of professional experience and a good level in spoken and written English.
Full bursaries are available for journalists from the developing world/countries in political transition working for organizations with no resources for training. Bursaries include air travel, accommodation and a modest living allowance.
Thomson Reuters Foundation also offers training for journalists from any region from an organization that has the resources to fully cover the costs of the program.
The course will take place Dec. 15-19. The application deadline is Oct. 3.

This course is designed to assist journalists in combating corruption in all its forms. It offers sessions on defining and recognizing corruption and writing media campaigns on the subject.

What the course aims to achieve:

1. Define and describe common forms of corruption and the media commitment to redress this to increase public good
2. Improve critical thinking, including an ethical, objective approach to investigations
3. Explain in depth a range of financial documents, including government budgets, and published corporate accounts
4. Offer practical advice on how to uncover and report corruption using investigative journalism techniques
5. Deepen awareness of potential legal issues
6. Set guidelines for high-impact news, features and opinion writing.

Course Details:

Start date: Dec 15, 2014

End date: Dec 19, 2014

Location: London, UK – Other

Application deadline: Oct 03, 2014

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