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HUM News Test Transmission

hm-news-test-transmissionNew channel HUM-NEWS Testing on Asiasat-7 @ 105* East by HUM NET WORK.
Now Hum Network contains total seven TV Channels.

C-Band: 38E, 68E, 76E, 78.5E, 80E, 83E, 91.5E, 100E,105.5E
Ku-Band:21E, 25E, 26E, 36E, 42E, 45E, 52.5E, 53E, 55E, 75E, 76E, 83E, 91.5E, 93.5E, 95E, 100.5E, 105.5E, 108E



All set to launch Nai Baat TV

According to Nai Baat official TV’s management, Nai Baat has the most modern technology and experience to compete, capability with high tech technology and managerial experience with team oriented work; flow and focus to the goal will make us better than the industry leaders. Our educational experience, project management skills with enthusiastic and passionate team will help us become the trend setters.

The Nai Baat team is spread all across the globe. Our correspondents and reporters will provide us reliable information and help us to keep you up-to-date with all the local and global news. Our well connected correspondents will provide you real news from all over the world.

Nai Baat will open offices in all major cities of Pakistan. This Nai Baat network will allow us to bring to you the latest happenings in a different way.

ceoChaudhary Abdul Rehman is the CEO of upcoming Nai Baat TV, He says
Fourteen years of Superior have made me realize that Dreams can be achieved through hard work, dedication and passion. Inspired from the Quranic verse, ‘’MAN GETS WHATEVER HE STRIVES FOR’’ my vision to facilitate Superior Human Beings has always been my top priority. I believe that education is the only solution to all Pakistani problems. Superior lays great emphasis on academic excellence and our complete career path gives a specific direction to students, relating to their relevant fields. The Spirit Schools develop a strong educational base for our students. The Superior College strengthens their personal character and makes them punctual, responsible and hardworking in every situation. The Superior University’s experience instills analytical skills and makes them learn the art to become adept and adapt themselves to any condition.

The University life also makes them confident to face professional world with ease. Our educational network across Pakistan is an example of how we are developing a Superior Pakistan. Our Daily Newspaper “Nai Baat” and “FM Radio 106.6” are educating the Nation on a wider horizon. Now the Superior Group envisions to have a T.V Channel through which we can portray true emotions of Pakistani Nation. My journey to change people mind set will continue because We Dream To Achieve and that is what we teach to our Superior Family. Lets develop a Superior Pakistan which can discover a Superior in every Pakistani.


Launching of Bol TV Postponed again

BOL News Television launch has been delayed until October, as said by Journalism Pakistan.

The channel that is promising a media revolution and claiming it will be No. 1 the day it hits the airwaves had been eyeing a launch on August 14.

However, due to several administrative reasons its arrival has been put back.


BOL Media Group recently hired prominent anchor Kamran Khan from bitter rival Geo as President and Editor in Chief while last year it signed up Azhar Abbas, also from the same channel. He is the President and CEO of BOL News.

Tehzeeb TV, Another Islamic channel Starts Transmission on PakSat

tehzeeb-tvTehzeeb TV has emerged with the concept of Islam and Holy Quran as it goals are to spread the messages of Islam and its aspects. Tehzeeb TV is a medium where messages of Allah can convey to humanity as it aims to transmit the meaning and knowledge of Islam throughout the world. Tehzeeb TV is an inspiring medium or channel which is able to provide the knowledge of Holy Quran and other related contents in different languages as well as according to the time accessibility.
According to Tehzeeb TV Management, Tehzeeb TV is a modest effort of a group of friends, who besides other things have been motivated by the khutba given by our Holy Prophet (PBUH) on the occasion of Hajj-tul-Wida, wherein he had asked his followers to hold on firmly to the Quran.

Our aim is to, “Spread the content of the Holy Quran possibly in the whole universe; targeting the Human Race in general and the Muslims in particular whether they are living in their homeland or abroad, in a manner that is user friendly, though the use of non traditional electronic means.”

We are aspiring to make available the contents of the Quran and other related topics to the masses in a language of their choice and a time of their convenience through the following electronic media: –

Tehzeeb TV consists on several broadcastings electronic media such as Cable TV, Satellite TV, Web TV and Mobile Phone Streaming as people will be able to access this channel through these mediums. Tehzeb TV is a result of some group mates who got inspiration from the Khutba of Hajj-tul-Wida of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) as they want to spread the real path of Islam through Tehzeeb TV in a friendly environment.

Here are frequency details:

Satellite: PAKSAT 1-R at 38.0° E (C Band)

Frequency: 3732 V (TP. 3733 V 17990)

SR: 18000

Format: (MPEG4/FTA)

Zee Network will telecast Pakistani Shows and Dramas

The Indian most prominent media group ‘Zee network’ is going to launch its newest channel, called ‘Zindagi’, which will bring Pakistani TV shows on the small screen.

The channel ‘Zindagi’, which goes live on June 23, will show some hit Pakistani TV series believing that it will click with the local viewers, Indian sources revealed.

To test this hypothesis, five-minute clips of these shows were shown to families across socio-economic backgrounds. The feedback reinforced the belief that Pakistani TV shows will work with the ‘premium mass’ audience (the growing body of premium viewers).

In the initial phase, the channel will have four hours of new programming every day; later, it will pick up content from other parts of the world as well and commission new programmes that will be produced both in India and Pakistan. Several novels are also being converted into soaps and 12 telefilms have been commissioned.

Memories of shows like Dhoop Kinaare and Ankahi are still strong with the Indian audiences of the 1980s. Will young viewers connect with this genre? Come June, we will know.

Targeted at the niche premium Indian audience, the channel intends to bring shows from Latin America, Turkey and Egypt in future.

However, to begin with, the target is to cash in on Indian the audiences’ liking for Pakistani shows that are still most watched on YouTube. Zee Network has reportedly pumped in Rs 100 crore to establish the new niche channel, which is targeted at the audience in Northern India, Jammu-Kashmir and Hyderabad.

The company network with over 700 million viewers across 70 countries indicated that it plans to spend about Rs 80 crore to Rs 100 crore in providing marketing and brand push.

ZEEL, whose corporate philosophy is “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,”—the world is my family, aims to unite people in India and across the world with showzee-zindagis produced overseas.

The company expects the channel will have appeal even in south India, as the audience would love to embrace universal emotions brought through the network.

Introducing the channel here today, Shialaja Kejriwal, Chief Executive, Special Projects and Priyanka Datta, Business Head, Zindagi and FTA Cluster, said that the channel to be launched on June 23 is targeted at the family viewing with today’s Indian sensibilities of wanting to balance household responsibilities and at the same time, relating one’s own identity. The channel is set to infuse fresh story-telling to the Indian TV industry.

The new channel will seek to engage and interact with its audience through diverse shows written by award-winning novelists like Gulzar, Nusrat Fateh Ali and literary stalwarts. Many of these shows are adapted from famous novels and books.

Zindagi will be available 24 hours on both analog and digital (digital cable and direct to home) platforms in India.

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Play Max, New HD Entertainment TV Channel

play-maxBusiness Recorder Group who is already running AAJ News,  was initially started on March 23, 2005 by the . The Business Recorder Group was also running Play TV which is now switched to Play Max,  HD Entertainment TV Channel. Play Max has started test transmission and will air Dramas and Films in future

Umar Sharif is interested to launch a tv channel
Umar Sharif is interested to launch a tv channel
Umar Sharif is interested to launch a tv channel

Islamabad: Famous Pakistani Comedy King Umer Shareef is interested to launch an entertainment TV Channel, He is quite busy for getting the license of his TV channel in Islamabad. He is going to give the good news about his entertainment channel; meanwhile he is trying hard for opening the private hospital “Maa” in Orangi Town Karachi. Umer is completing the documentary matters for his film and also performing in Private channel show on Geo TV. Umer Shareef is a Pakistani comedian, stage, film and television actor.
His real name is Muhammad Umer and he changed his name to Umer Shareef later. His stage dramas are the most famous dramas in all over the world

ARY Zindagi, ARY Launched new Channel

ARY Network,  is adding another channel ARY Zindagi in their family. This will be an entertainment channel consisting of foreign and local entertainment programs with variety of Indian, Turkish and Pakistani programs. On the whole Indian programs are in majority consisting of dramas, laughter challenge and variety shows.

ARY Zindagi is launched after success of Geo Kahani and HUM Sitaray, launched by Geo group and HUM group respectively the other two big media groups. Both Geo Kahani and HUM Sitaray telecast entertainment programs of Turkey, India and Pakistan and ARY Zindagi is expected to run on the same lines.

The large satellite television network of Pakistan, ARY Digital Network, is living up to the expectations of millions of its viewers in the entertainment world for the last 13 years.
The latest addition ‘ARY Zindagi’ to the fold of ARY Digital Network will now offer variety of choices in the entertainment portal.

This channel is now on test transmission.

Soon this channel will start regular transmission.
Satellite: Asia Sat 3S
TP- 4060 V 26666.


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News and Current affairs channel Aman TV

Aman TV is a new entrant into the television market in Pakistan, aiming to deliver high quality news and current affairs broadcasting with worldwide coverage.  It will operate from a new broadcast centre in Lahore with a complete Harris Broadcast newsroom and playout infrastructure.

Aman TV

Aman TV requires a highly automated operation to deliver slick 24-hour television in a cost-efficient manner. The new channel will be on air in May 2013, with additional bureaus in London and Dubai to start.

“My vision for Aman TV is to create a channel that leads opinion and serves comprehensive news to the people of Pakistan,” said Mr Sheraz Hashmi, CEO of parent company Sunbiz.  “To focus on the best content we cannot compromise on the technology, which is why we asked Harris Broadcast to design and build an end-to-end solution for us.”

No Progress yet for APP News Channel
In March 2012, Federal Information Minister Dr Firdous Aashiq Awan was announce to launch another Government TV Channel of APP ( Associated Press of Pakistan). The federal government would soon launch the APP News Channel under umbrella of APP to promote the true face of Pakistan across the globe, after the successful video news service of APP, This announcement was at time talking to journalists after inaugurating the APP Sialkot News Office. The minister said that it was the era of media advancement, as media could play a pivotal role in promoting national harmony.

Firdous said that APP News Channel would promote responsible and healthy journalism by airing points of views of both the government and opposition, adding that the PPP-led government firmly believes in freedom of the press and the government would take the free and independent media as its partner in highlighting government efforts regarding eliminating poverty, ignorance, unemployment and terrorism. She urged the media to promote a soft image of Pakistan globally.
The minister said that the federal government had established APP News Office at Sialkot after recent establishment of PTV News Bureau and regional offices of Press Information Department (PID) and PEMRA in Sialkot, as the government was developing the media as an institution in Sialkot with a sole aim to promote local export culture, industrial activities, local democratic norms, social values, local culture in Pakistan. APP Sialkot News station would be the 14th station in Pakistan.

AIOU applied for new license

New TV channel and FM radio station to promote education across the country. New tv channel in pakistan

AIOU applied for new license
AIOU applied for new license

Islamabad: The Allama Iqbal Open University will soon launch a TV channel and FM radio station to promote education across the country. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Nazir Ahmed Sangi said this at the oath-taking ceremony of the newly elected office-bearers of the educational broadcasters Forum on Monday. He said that the University has already applied for the TV channel’s license.

Express tribune

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Jinnah TV Test Transmission

Jinnah TV has started test transmission on PAK-SATR1. Jinnah TV’s transmission in its test phase mostly showing the advertisement f Behria Projects. The leading real estate company of the country.

Satellite Position Frequency System SR
Encryption Packages Lang. Beam
Paksat 1R 38.0°E 3824 V DVB-S
      C M Azam