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ARY News has recorded its biggest ratings in UK

According to the UK audience measuring body BARB, ARY News has recorded its biggest ratings for a long time by crossing over half a million viewers in the latest weekly data reach. The ratings were so high that some other bigger entertainment channels just couldn’t stand a chance in front of ARY News which delivered 557,000 viewers for the week ending on August 17th.

arynews-ukAfter becoming the game changer in the media industry this Ramadan,  ratings reveal that ARY is also heading the news channels ratings and has outshined all the other leading news channels. And the latest feather in the channel’s cap is that besides being the top news channel of the country, it has also managed to cross half-million reach in UK.

The archrival Geo lost massively with 321,000 viewers, about half of the audience of ARY News. On the other hand, other popular new channels like NDTV had 205,000 viewers, Aaj Tak 185,000 viewers and Samaa TV with 167, 000 viewers.

Sami Ibrahim, host of program Top Story on Dunya News has resigned

ISLAMABAD: Sami Ibrahim, host of program Top Story on Dunya News Television has resigned.
He told Journalism Pakistan online magazine that it was time to move on. “I submitted my resignation on July 12 giving a 30-day notice which has now expired.”

Sami joined Dunya in 2011 after a long stint in the US with Geo Television. Asked where he was headed next, Sami said he had job offers from two channels that he requested not be named.

A senior journalist, Sami has worked for several newspapers and appeared as an analyst in numerous television talk shows.


He joined Dunya as the head of political and international affairs. He also co-hosted the morning show Khabar Yay Hai for almost one year and then anchored Top Story for more than a year.

In place of Top Story a new program named Follow-up will be hosted by Dunya newscaster Rehman Azhar.

Jeeto Pakistan hosted by Fahad Mustafa

After extraordinary success of Inam Ghar hosted by Dr. Amir Liaquat on Geo Entertainment, ARY Digital has taken an astute move by launching a new game show “Jeeto Pakistan” with a tag line “Sab Lay Jao” Jaab Kismat Ka Daar Khulay Ga tu Saab Ko Milay Ga… The show has gained a lot of popularity and is host by the charming host Fahad Mustafa it is one of the latest additions to the game show genres in Pakistan.

It is very much expected that ARY Digital will beat the ratings and record of Inam Ghar. Fahad Mustafa has already attained huge fan following due to his morning show ‘Jago Pakistan’ on Hum TV and also awarded as best morning host in 2014 awards.


In First wee of Ramadan Jeeo Pkistan get 214 GRPs Rating.
Ratings of the last show of Inam Ghar was claimed breaking records but how could the person hated the most in the society be liked that much? Way off to Amir Liaquat, Fahad Mustafa hasn’t faced any of the social stigmas or stays controversial as in the other case. Also, ARY Digital putting claims high by saying “Biggest game show in Pakistan”. Like Geo, ARY making the show a competitive which makes it interesting. First of its kind show was started in Pakistan by Tariq Aziz.

Tauqeer Nasir: "Unfortunately, we did not take timely action to save our film industry but the recent cultural invasion by Turkish and Indian dramas on Pakistani channels".

Be Pakistani,  See Pakistani

Tauqeer Nasir:
Tauqeer Nasir: “Unfortunately, we did not take timely action to save our film industry but the recent cultural invasion by Turkish and Indian dramas on Pakistani channels”.

Pakistani showbiz industry already facing collapse of the Pakistani movie industry and now the two setbacks that stand out are the decision to allow the exhibition of Indian films in Pakistani cinemas and the airing of foreign, especially Turkish and Indian, drama serials on local TV channels.
The artists of Pakistani showbiz industry said that “external cultural invasion” was snatching away the remaining outlets available for Pakistani artists to show their skills in the field of performing arts.
Pakistani dramas, now losing out prime time space to foreign-produced drama, not only regaled the audience at home with their excellent content and quality but also gained popularity abroad with their superb depiction of Pakistani cultural values.
In the 90s, when Pakistan’s film industry crashed, TV dramas accommodated the artists of silver screen in an attempt to keep alive the identity of the actors.
Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) Director General Tauqeer Nasir said, “Unfortunately, we did not take timely action to save our film industry but the recent cultural invasion by Turkish and Indian dramas on Pakistani channels is unacceptable for TV artists and if the issue is not handled properly, history will repeat itself and it will adversely affect our cultural values and heritage.”
“Enhancing viewership and making money sometimes creates gaps and the downfall of Lollywood was the result of not filling these gaps in time. The drama sector will suffer if the Pakistani nation stays silent,” he added.
Tauqeer Nasir also said, “Pakistan has immense talent, but unfortunately we do not honour our heroes and value our heritage which is creating lack of nationalism in the young generation.”
Renowned Film Director and Producer, Syed Noor said that these foreign dramas should not be showcased on Pakistani TV channels, as it will create confusion among the youth in adopting between local and foreign cultural values.
The trend of airing Turkish and Indian dramas on top channels poses a question mark on our local production standards. The dramas being produced and directed here were following ethical and cultural values and issues purely connected to our society. But, first we brought the Indian culture to our society through showing their dramas, and now Turkish dramas are invading our culture and promoting vulgarity to a great extent.
Media should launch a comprehensive awareness campaign on the vulgarity of foreign content to benefit the local drama industry, artists, talent and more importantly to keep the local culture and traditions alive.

Media content monitoring

PPF is seeking for a Media Organization for content monitoring and analysis of Three TV Channels.

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF), working on developing the standards of Pakistani media invites proposals from organizations with at least three years’ experience in content monitoring and analysis for conducting an ethical media content’ audit of three renowned television networks.

PPF is a founding member of the Global Ethical Journalism Network and is involved in research on ethics in media organizations in Pakistan. PPF has also been involved in various media strengthening activities like conducting trainings of journalists on increased standards of journalism. It has been committed to promote greater awareness of social and development issues through the media.

Media content monitoring
Media content monitoring

Project Details:The Ethical Media Audit will monitor and analyze content of three media television networks namely Geo News, Express TV and Aaj News through trained monitors to document areas of strengths and weaknesses, along with the identification of areas where ethical practices could be improved.

There will be focus on media coverage against professional principles thatinclude the right of access, allocation of coverage and balance in the media. The project’s findings will be determined through a well-defined methodology. Here after, there sults will be shared with the media and civil society in order to generate healthy debates and discussions to facilitate the improvement of professional standards of journalism in the country.

Objectives and Deliverables 

The Ethical Media Audit aims to develop larger media understanding and consensus for ethical and responsible journalism practices by conducting media ethics research and audit, systematic monitoring and analysis of news content of three leading Pakistani media houses.  The expected impact of the project will be greater awareness among journalists and industry at large about ethics and ethical practices, leading to more effective self-regulation mechanisms that promote ethical media practices and policies. The ethical audit process is also meant to act as a baseline survey for current quality control mechanisms in media institutions and their effectiveness.

Specific objectives include:

  • To provide empirical knowledge base needed to CEJ to help lobby journalists, editors and media owners take action to remove unethical practices that hinder the provision of information that is more accurate, impartial and fair.
  • To orient news staff on media ethics in leading news groups and to provide empirical knowledge for self-regulation mechanisms to protect citizens’ rights to unbiased and objective information.
  • To provide an accessible and coherent picture of how media institutions work, their aims, objectives, command & control structure, implementation of ethics’ code and gaps at various content administration levels.
  • To gather information on coverage of major political and social issues covered by the media, and to pinpoint deficiencies that should be remedied.

Deliverables and Terms of Reference:

  1. The period of monitoring will be consisting of three months.
  2. The monitoring organisation will be responsible for monitoring of two main news bulletins on three leading channels on a daily bases on the following issues:
    i. Politics/governance/foreign policy
    ii. Human rights/social justice
    iv. Institutions state/non-state/corruption
  3. The monitoring organisation will be responsible for providing a fortnightly analysis report on the bases of their daily monitoring on the given criteria.
  1. The monitoring organisation will be responsible for providing a final analytical report at the end of the project with recommendations for the monitored channels in a separate report for each.
  2. The monitoring organisation will also be responsible for providing clippings of monitored bulletin at the end of the project for making necessary interventions with the mentioned channels.

Proposal Submission deadline:

Interested organisations should submit complete proposal including budgets latest by April 15, 2014.

Proposals should be submitted to:

Postal Address:
Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)
Press Centre
Shahrah Kamal Ataturk
Email: ppf@pakistanpressfoundation.org

People Meter, Primary Source for Data Monitoring

People Meter
People Meter

When People Meter was launched in Pakistan, there were many pre launched activities that were held to create awareness among the industry constituents. Seminars and presentation from different platforms were organized which was considered a good step by the broadcasters.Although most of the broadcasters had the knowledge regarding the People Meter‟s sample size,availability, price and device‟s information before it was launched. Initially when People Meter was presented and launched, everything seemed perfect, sample size was good enough, devices were perfect, the profiling were properly done and it was complete solution for everybody. The most important aspect was that data would be received from an automatic device and real time information could be attained at any time, the device was almost free from human error. Most of the broadcasters had attained the technology at the time of launch mainly because their clients also bought it, some of the broadcasters relied on Gallup since they had no trust in the new technology in the initial period but sooner or later they attained People Meter as their primary source of data acquisition.

The Difference in Ratings
 As soon the People Meter started its operation, it brought major changes in the industry, the rewas 360 degree change as one broadcaster responded that at the time of Gallup there was 80 % perception and 20% numbers based planning but now its 80% numbers and 20% perception/ gut feeling. The element of gut feeling and perception has gradually vanished and everything now is based on numbers. All the constituents now are interested in ratings which was not the practice at all before. As Gallup was still used in the initial days of People Meter, the broadcasters have compared the ratings on both systems which resulted entirely different. PTV which remained on the top of the list on Gallup ratings reached a lower place in the new list. Channels like KTN which showed excellent numbers on Gallup was completely down on People Meter. Geo news which was present at the time of Gallup leaded the news category on Gallup but on People Meter  newer channels were performing very well. As one respondent replied: “with the launch of   People Meter the industry got to know that their investment had some return. People Meter gave the industry some justification. Hum TV was not included in the Gallup research, as it was a younger channel, when People Meter  arrived, ratings for the channel was on board”.
Mr.Mazahir, AAJ TV, share his experience regarding the difference in Gallup and People Meter
Rating: “It was T20 World Cup of 2009 which was broadcasted by Geo Super. Final was held
 between Pakistan and Sri Lanka and I got the chance to perform analysis on that match. I checked the data provided by People Meter and analyzed that the rating at the peak time of  match was at 13.6. I analyzed the same with Gallup’s for Geo Super and it was 0.1. I was in a shock for a while. When Pakistan was on its way to winning the final match, I doubt anyone that I know was watching any channel other than Geo Super, that’s why Gallup lost its place in the industry”.
Genre’s Most Effected with the launch of People Meter The categories which were not performing well in the Gallup‟s era, improved to a large extent after the launch of People Meter. The news category, initially was leading in the entire genre but People Meter helped a lots of categories to change their market position. For example
kids‟ genreis an example which was doing really well when People Meter ratings were introduced, another

genre was entertainment and music genre had a major dip. Mr Mazahir, AAJ TV shares: “the first presentation on PM was in Lahore which was attended by all media agencies and channels and they had explained the whole methodology to us, from meter installment to data collection and beyond. I realized then that kid‟s category, like Cartoon Network, had tremendous viewership and it was hard to imagine how much this channel was viewed by female audiencethat even surpassed mainstream channels. Aaj News lost a lot of ratings and came low while at

Gallup it was on second. I‟ll take you channel wise. On Gallup, on 4 th or 5 th position the most watched channel was KTN. It had outclassed ratings and their business was running very good because of that. When PM was launched, KTN and similarly regional channels were pushed way back in the ratings. The numbers were as low as 0 or 0.1 for a channel that enjoyed a rating of 5on Gallup. I am singling out KTN because that was the channel that topped in the regionalchannels, others like Kavish were not that well known those days. So, regional channels were most negatively impacted by PM. Moreover, one respondent ads that People Meter was not the only cause of for the improvement in different categories, there were also other reasons, In late2007, when Benazir assassination took place and Musharraf era was ending, down the line when the political scenario got too much on the head of the viewers the entertainments channel picked up, it was 2008 when many things were changed and the industry brought up. That‟s why ARY DIGITAL was picked up and same for Hum TV. If I talk about the whole media the entertainment channel has improved a lot. Hum Tv respondent replied, It was a miracle for Cartoon Network. It was getting ratings equivalent to Geo News which was far ahead of all the channels in the industry. Initially Gallup was not showing such thing, so it happened”.

This Article is compiled from a research Project of students of SBAZIST .


FALL 2012

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Inaam Ghar Most Viewed Reality Show of Pakistan getting success on the rating radars.
Inaam Ghar is a reality show, highlighting talent and giving the prizes in every episode also become the source of showing World record holders of Pakistan. This show is hosted by Dr Aamir Liaquat who is already a fame and hosted many programs, all gained good TRP.

According to sources of Media Blinks, Reported by Media Logic  Inaam Ghar getting 216 GRPs ( Gross Rating Point) in last Month. Where the same time ARY was on 94 GRPs, Geo Kahai on 91, Urdu 1 on 75 GRPs. GRP was collected on 15 min Interval  at the Time Slot 19:30 to 22:29



Geo News has retained its position as the top South Asian news channel in the United Kingdom (UK). It was only in first week of September that Geo News became accessible to all viewers with a Sky box and immediately became the most watched South Asian news channel in UK households. For the second month running it has comfortably retained and strengthened its position.

Based on measurements of the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB), Geo News was rated 21 per cent higher than its closest competitor on an average for the entire month of October 2013. Before “going on BARB” Geo News was an encrypted channel. It is now free to view on the Sky box and its audience is being measured by electronic metering deployed by BARB.

BARB ratings are regarded as highly accurate and credible indicators of audience choices. All advertising planners rely heavily on BARB data and Geo News now has an enviable position amongst South Asian channels. It is strong endorsement of the quality content Geo News delivers and its brand equity.

Established in 1981, BARB provides official viewing figures for UK television audiences. It commissions specialist research companies to collect data that represents the television viewing behavior of the UK’s 26 million TV households.


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Gallup Pakistan

Cable Viewership in Pakistan
Report Submitted by: Gallup Pakistan Media Research Team
12th July 2103

Gallup Pakistan
Gallup Pakistan
According to a report released by Gallup Pakistan, Cable Viewership in Pakistan has now reached 64% up from 55% in year 2010.
1. URBAN VS RURAL VIEWERSHIP OF CABLE CHANNELS Understandably so, viewership of Cable Channels is much higher (85%) in Urban areas than in Rural areas (50%) in the year 2013.
However, the growth in viewership has been mainly contributed by growth of viewership of Cable Channels in Rural areas. Rural viewership of Cable Channels was 34% in year 2010 and therefore registered a 16% growth rate and reached the current figure of 50%. Urban viewership of Cable channels has stagnated at the same level in past two years.


2. VIEWERSHIP VS OWNERSHIP OF CABLE CONNECTION AT HOME Interestingly a significant proportion of Cable Viewers do not have access to cable at their own home. They visit a friend’s house, a restaurant or any other place which has cable access. At All Pakistan level, 51% of Households claim to have a cable connection. This would lead to around 13 million Cable Connections in the country.
This also shows that around 16% of Cable Viewers are watching Cable Channels not in their own household.

There is a significant difference in Urban / Rural proportions for this finding. In Urban areas the 86% of households have access to a cable connection. This would mean around 5.4 million cable connections in Rural areas as compared to 7.74 million cable connections in Urban areas. In Rural areas , due to logistical as well as financial reason , only 30% households claim to have access to a cable connection at their home.

Over the past two years, access to a cable connection at household level in Rural areas has increased from 19% to 30% (a growth of 11 percent).
i. The major implication of this for the media and advertising industry is that the need to have an Audience Measurement System which measures Rural Audiences has increased over the past years. The current People Meters are NOT MEASURING A SIGNIFICANT POPULATION OF CABLE VIEWERS WHO EXIST IN RURAL AREAS. This is in addition to the inadequate amount of meters even for Urban areas , which in most cases lead to findings which are statistically insignificant. Gallup TV Ratings, as an alternative , not only cover the Rural TV Audience Market, but also offers a much larger sample size, which yields statistically significant results at ALL PAKISTAN Level but also at various small TV Markets.
ii. Secondly , Rural Cable Viewers are a growing market and the TV Channels vying to get audience should concentrate on Rural Viewers, if they want to increase their audience size. The urban TV viewers market is not only stagnant now but also heavily cluttered. This fact is also borne by small Reach Percentages being generated by both Gallup and Media Logic data. GALLUP PAKISTAN continues to strive in providing the Media and Advertising Industry, with valid data to help rethink the current situation and plan for future.Download This Report in PDF Format for Official Website of Gallup Pakistan, Click Here

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The analyst has used the word ‘Hamara Sultan’ instead of ‘Mera Sultan’. He has questioned the fact of presenting the other side of the story. Instead of portraying the golden period of women, fair judicial system, his successful conquering areas during the Sultan Suleiman reign,  the drama portrays the Muslim ruler to be highly engaged in luxurious style, and having relations with women, irrespective of religious differences. Alcohols, dance performances, which are forbidden in Islam, are portrayed as a norm in that society.


Moreover this drama is giving a chance to some people in specific school of thought who will exploit the content of the drama and instead of taking it as a drama they will take it as a reality and will label the era of Ottomans as an era of Debauchery. These people had not even read the opinions of drama creators, who themselves acknowledged that most of the incidents happened in Harrem & with the Sultan are based on unreal stories.

A British channel has presented a report giving views about the drama as an attempt to promote relations between men and women. The highlighted dark side of the regime presents an inappropriate side of the story. Question here remains, is this being done deliberately to cause defamation to the Islamic ruler?

‘Hamara Sultan’ had had not been like what we see. He has had enjoyed a successful rule over the period. If instead of airing such content, stress is given to establishing Khilafat, the divine Islamic ruling system then, we Muslims would not have to look our Islamic history from the eyes of West. Instead, we ourselves would be self-sufficient to support our notion and our views.

The urdu article is written by Syed Hassam & the article content is summarized here by a freelance commentator Syed Waqas.

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Pakistan’s Most Watched Drama Serials in 2013

The first drama, “Fatima Gul: Akhir Mera Qusoor Kya?” got the highest viewing and rating of 2.5 and also saw a huge response by the audience. The Turkish drama series had the very beautiful Baren Saat as Fatima Gul (previously as glamourous Bihter) and the rugged Engin Akyuerek as Kerim Illgaz. The story revolved around Kerim and Fatma Gul’s struggle against the criminal injustice with hints of romance between them.

Urdu 1’s aired Indian drama, “Diya aur Batti Hum” of Star Plus had the rating of 2.4 and the simple story of a couple got a high viewing in both Pakistan as well as India.

Even the forever comical, “Bulbulay” managed to give a high position to ARY Digital with 2.4 rating but Geo Entertainment was nowhere to be seen.

To everyone’s amazement, these were followed by the dramas of Hum TV and not Geo TV with Aik Tamanna Lahasil See and Zindagi Gulzaar Hai respectively, their ratings being 2.3 and 2.2.

Express Entertainment which is relatively newer than Geo, Hum and ARY got its Indian based drama, “Hitler Didi” and “Anamika” with 1.4 rating.

“Mera Sultaan” of the newly launched Geo Television’s Geo Kahani was deemed to get the highest ratings, however the numbers speak louder and the historical soap got 1.3 ratings even lower than the above two!