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Operation 021, Zeba Bakhtiar’s spy-action thriller Movie is releasing on 6th October
O21 is a forthcoming Pakistani spy Action thriller film directed by Jami, co-directed by Summer Nicks and produced by Zeba Bakhtiar & her son Azaan Sami Khan. It is Pakistan’s first Spy Action Thriller movie. Wikipedia
Directors: Summer Nicks, Jamshed Mahmood Raza, Jamshed Mahmood
Music composed by: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Cinematography: Mo Azmi
Screenplay: Zeba Bakhtiar, Summer Nicks
Producers: Zeba Bakhtiar, Azaan Sami Khan
operation021Operation 021 is produced by One Motion Pictures, A Company run by Zeba Bakhtiar.
President, Zeba Bakhtiar is one of the biggest stars on the Pakistan film industry, having achieved commercial and critical success in both Lollywood and Bollywood. She is also an extremely popular and accomplished producer and director. Her first role in a feature film was in the cinematic classic Henna in which a camera-shy Zeba played the title character, Zeba attained critical as well as commercial success with her film Sargam (1995), winning the Nigar Award prize for her role. Zeba’s acting career allowed her to work with and learn form some of the best directors and producers in both Lollywood and Bollywood.

Broadcast India Show in Mumbai

bi_logoGet ready. The time’s come for an exclusive peek into what the human mind can envision when it comes to the world of broadcast, film and entertainment. When the curtain rises at the Broadcast India Show, be prepared to see ordinary expectations shatter. Gear up to watch the lords of technology covering broadcast, film, audio, radio from its content creation to its management and delivery. At the Broadcast India Show, they’ll be exhibiting the most recent breakthroughs, the seemingly impossible moves and even what the future hasn’t yet imagined.

After all, this show has stood for newer horizons in the making for over two decades, when the world was still exploring the known limits in the infotainment industry. This time too, companies and corporations, veterans and professionals, suppliers and customers, visionaries, stalwarts and other stakeholders from the industry will explore a new power-era by optimizing opportunities, facilitating trade links and enabling info-exchange on a global level.

You can choose to be just a visitor or actively join the harbingers of change. But whatever you do, remember this last year, the Broadcast India show changed the perspectives of 20,000+ global visitors and participants from more than 35 countries. This year, in its 24th edition, we believe that many more will benefit from this opportunity. The question is, how powered up are you?

A 2-day conference is hosted along with the main exhibition and forms an integral part of the show by facilitating wide-spectrum participation from CEO’s, directors and proprietors of companies to engineers, technicians and technologists. In the process, it creates a melting pot of in-depth presentations, cross-pollinating discussions, analytical forums and enlightening perspectives.


For us, it was an extremely successful exhibition. It was our first time here. It was very helpful being here because the industry meets during this exhibition and that gave us the opportunity instead of let’s say travelling around India. It was a very useful place to be.
Renato Jost – Chief Sales Officer, Neutrik, Switzerland
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Thomson Reuters offers REPORTING Course in LONDON

Print, broadcast and online journalists from all over the world can apply for fellowships to attend a course in London. TrustMedia, a Thomson Reuters Foundation Service, offers this reporting course about governance and corruption. Participants will learn how to decipher financial documents, use investigative techniques to expose corruption and more.
Applicants must be working as journalists or regular contributors to print, broadcast or online media organizations. They must have at least two years of professional experience and a good level in spoken and written English.
Full bursaries are available for journalists from the developing world/countries in political transition working for organizations with no resources for training. Bursaries include air travel, accommodation and a modest living allowance.
Thomson Reuters Foundation also offers training for journalists from any region from an organization that has the resources to fully cover the costs of the program.
The course will take place Dec. 15-19. The application deadline is Oct. 3.

This course is designed to assist journalists in combating corruption in all its forms. It offers sessions on defining and recognizing corruption and writing media campaigns on the subject.

What the course aims to achieve:

1. Define and describe common forms of corruption and the media commitment to redress this to increase public good
2. Improve critical thinking, including an ethical, objective approach to investigations
3. Explain in depth a range of financial documents, including government budgets, and published corporate accounts
4. Offer practical advice on how to uncover and report corruption using investigative journalism techniques
5. Deepen awareness of potential legal issues
6. Set guidelines for high-impact news, features and opinion writing.

Course Details:

Start date: Dec 15, 2014

End date: Dec 19, 2014

Location: London, UK – Other

Application deadline: Oct 03, 2014

Apply Now

Women and Media: Africa in Focus

Join the BBG and Gallup for a discussion about women’s media consumption habits across Africa, and how those choices impact their lives.

african-female-journalsitsAn emerging body of evidence shows that investing in opportunities for women can yield economic, health and even national security benefits for all. Many U.S. agencies and other organizations are working to improve the lives of women around the globe, resulting in a growing need to better understand which media platforms are most likely to reach them. Please join the BBG and Gallup for a conversation focused on this question.

A keynote, followed by a deep dive into the data, and roundtable discussion will comprise this event.

Presenters will include:

  • Tara Sonenshine, Distinguished Fellow, George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs and former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
  • Sonja Gloeckle, Director of Research, IBB
  • Magali Rheault, Regional Research Director, Francophone Africa, Gallup

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 23 2014 from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM


Gallup World Headquarters
901 F Street, NW
(Entrance on 9th Street)
Washington, DC 20004

This event is free, but registration is required.

This event is on the record and will be recorded for future viewing.


For more information, please call the BBG’s Office of Public Affairs at (202) 203-4400
or email publicaffairs@bbg.gov

Investigative Journalist Awards

EHAD is a campaign that encourages parents and caretakers to guide their children about their health issues. It believes that lack of proper information on issues such as challenges of growing-up, bad influence of peer pressure, sexual abuse, addiction and HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis infections may lead to exploitation, abuse, rights violations, ill-informed decisions and, in extreme cases, untimely deaths.

EHAD, a nationwide awareness campaign that urges parents and caretakers to highlight issues related to health and behavior of adolescence and youth, has launched the ‘2014 Investigative Journalist Awards’ for media persons working in nine Pakistan districts.


The journalist award has been launched for nine districts – Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Lahore, Lodhran, Peshawar, Abbottabad, Jamshoro, Karachi, Quetta and Pishin.
Journalists keen to participate in the contest will have to submit their investigative reports on any of the following five issues: Child  Sexual Abuse, Problems of Growing Up, Influence of Peer Pressure, Addiction and Infectious Diseases like Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.
Awards will be given in three categories: print, TV and radio. The best investigative report from the three categories will receive a cash prize of Rs. 20,000/- each to be awarded at an exclusive prize distribution ceremony to be held in Islamabad.
EHAD believes that media, being one of the most important pillars of this society, must come forward and make it a priority agenda to report on vital issues impacting Pakistani youth. EHAD has launched this contest in order to encourage the media professionals reporting on youth health and behavioral issues.
The deadline for submissions is October 20, 2014. Further details of this contest are available at www.ehad.org.pk.

The 2013 British Journalism were held at Stationers' Hall on Monday, 2 December 2013, when Michae Gillard of The Sunday Times was named journalist of the year for his courageous exposure of the gangster David Hunt.

British Journalism Awards 2014

The British Journalism Awards are open to all journalists wherever they work.

Launched partly as a response to the hacking scandal and the Leveson inquiry – they aim to celebrate and promote great journalism which is both interesting to the public AND in the public interest.

The 2014 British Journalism Awards will be held at Stationers’ Hall in London on Tuesday, 2 December, 2014.

The judges include former editor of The Guardian Peter Preston, former night editor of The Times Liz Gerard, head of journalism at City University George Brock and former Today Programme editor Kevin Marsh.

The event is generously supported by the Worshipful Company of Stationers.

The 2013 British Journalism were held at Stationers' Hall on Monday,  2 December 2013, when Michae Gillard of The Sunday Times was named journalist of the year for his courageous exposure of the gangster David Hunt.
The 2013 British Journalism were held at Stationers’ Hall on Monday, 2 December 2013, when Michae Gillard of The Sunday Times was named journalist of the year for his courageous exposure of the gangster David Hunt.

The aim is to create an awards event with the prestige of the Pulitzers in the US which rewards journalists who not only tell compelling stories but who also make a difference for the better in society.

The inaugural British Journalism Awards was held at Stationers’ Hall in the City of London on 4 December 2012.

Some 250 of the leading names in national and regional newspaper journalism, broadcasting, magazines and online gathered to celebrate prize-winners who included journalist of the year David Walsh of the Sunday Times (pictured below) and the late Marie Colvin who received a special prize for inspiring journalists and improving the reputation of our trade.

The Stationers’ Company has been at the heart of the UK media for 600 years and the awards are held on the very spot where, 400 years ago, the revision committee met to finalise one of the greatest ever British literary achievements – the King James Bible.

thisone_212_0Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford said: “The British Journalism Awards is an event which is unashamedly idealistic in its aims, but this doesn’t mean that great popular journalism won’t be recognised. On the contrary, this event is as much about celebrating sensational journalism in the mould of that promoted by the Daily Mirror’s Hugh Cudlipp as it is about recognising high-minded investigations of the sort pursued by the Sunday Times Insight Team under Harold Evans.

“Crucially, the British Journalism Awards will recognise the best journalists of the year regardless of the medium they work on – be it print, online or broadcasting.”


The closing date for entries is 9am, 14 October 2014. Shortlists will be announced on Tuesday, 6 November, 2014 These awards are for British journalism, so work which is produced for a British audience. Entries should be made via email to britishjournalismawards@pressgazette.co.uk

News on the Move III: Going mobile

Press Gazette
Thursday, 16 October 2014 from 13:00 to 19:30 (BST)
London, United Kingdom

To discuss how best the journalism industry can adopt to this latest stage of the digital revolution, Press Gazette is organising a half-day conference on 16 October in Association with News UK – News on the Move III: Going mobile.

news-moveBy the end of this year it is estimated that around 75 per cent of Britons will own a smartphone – up 1.6 per cent on a decade ago.

This has fuelled an explosion in consumption of digital news.

It present a new challenge to journalism business models because news on smartphones is harder to monetise than journalism read on desktop computers.

News on the Move will look at way to make journalism work on mobile phones and tablet computers, and how to make it pay.

News on the Move takes place at The News Building, News UK, 1 London Bridge Street, SE1 9GF from 2-5.30pm on Thursday 16 October.
Registration over lunch from 1-2pm. Networking drinks from 5.30-7pm.

Confirmed speakers for News on the Move:
Mike Darcey (keynote): Chief executive of News UK (publisher of The Times, Sunday Times and The Sun).

Martin Ashplant: Former head of digital at Metro.co.uk (consistently the UK’s fastest growing newspaper website) now director of digital and social media at City AM.

Push (Christopher Dawes): Editor of tablet-only subscription magazine Electronic Sound.

Nathalie Malinarich: Mobile editor for BBC News Online

Luke Lewis – Editor of Buzzfeed UK

Abba Newbery – News UK director of advertising strategy

Alan Hunter – Head of digital for The Times and Sunday Times

Subhajit Banerjee – Guardian mobile editor

Alex Kozloff – Head of Mobile for Internet Advertising Bureau

Nic Newman – Editor of Reuters Institute Digital Report, research fellow at City University, former Controller Future Media at the BBC.

Entry to News on the Move is restricted to journalists and those who work in the publishing industry, students and journalism educators. 

Those wishing to attend from companies who provide commercial services to the publishing industry should speak to Rahul Nair about sponsorship opportunities:  rahul.nair@pressgazette.co.uk  —0203 096 2261.

Click here to Participate

Press Gazette

Thursday, 16 October 2014 from 13:00 to 19:30 (BST)

London, United Kingdom

Celebrating Good journalism: A Helping Hand From the United Nations

Commenting on the calls at a United Nations conference in Indonesia at the weekend for media to play a more active role in promoting peace and tolerance, BBC journalist Mark Easton warned bluntly that it’s not the job of journalists to celebrate diversity. Our role, he says, is to stick to the facts. If we start taking a point of view it might alienate parts of the audience.

He has a point. The cardinal principle of journalism is to provide accurate, reliable and impartial reporting of events and not to take sides, even in favour of worthy causes.

media-awardsBut in a world where people increasingly get their news in an instant feed from Internet sources, such as social media, the role of journalism is less about reporting facts and more about delivering what the Internet does not provide – reliable context, background and intelligent analysis. These are the vital ingredients of ethical journalism that help us better understand the impact of events.

It’s not possible to really understand what’s happening in Ukraine, or Gaza, or Pakistan without providing careful and sensitive reporting of the back story including the historical context; a rational assessment of the political and social forces at work; and some thoughtful consideration of what may happen next.

We can do this without, as Easton fears, taking sides. But being impartial does not mean that we always have to seek contrary opinions, particularly on issues where there is an established and overwhelming expert consensus such as climate change and the impact of HIV/Aids.

In order to make these fine distinctions journalists need to be well-trained, better informed and, above all, free to work without undue pressure from politicians and campaigners.

But sometimes special interest groups can help. One excellent example of this came at the UN Alliance of Civilisations (UNAOC) conference where a useful and detailed Glossary on Migration for Media was launched by Panos Europe.

Migration is just the sort of story where journalists are encouraged to take sides.

It’s a story about humanitarian rights and the aspirations of people who are seeking to improve their lives, seeking refuge from injustice and tyranny, or are on the run from war and conflict at home.

And it is also hugely controversial. In Europe and the United States, for instance, attitudes to migration fuel deep political divisions. They are a breeding ground for unscrupulous and intolerant politics.

For this reason it is vital that journalists tell the story as it is – in context and with careful handling of the facts.

Whether it is a story being reported on the borders of the United States and Mexico; or from the Mediterranean where boatloads of desperate people risk their lives to start a new life within the European Union; or from the refugee camps sprouting around the conflicts in Iraq and Syria; it is essential that journalists are sensitive in their use of words and images.

Too often journalists are ill prepared for this story. Often they don’t know the difference, for instance, between who is a migrant, an internally-displaced person, an asylum seeker and a refugee, and the difference in their status and rights under international law.

When this is the case, how can they begin to provide stories that properly explain the story of migration?

This glossary helps by providing simple explanations. From asylum-seeking to xenophobia, the terms and issues in the migration story are touched upon. It won’t provide all the answers, but it points journalists and media in the right direction. And if it helps us to tell the story with compassion and clarity that will be something to celebrate.

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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan concert Invitation

  • In addition to the ARY Sahulat Wallet terms and conditions above, the following terms and conditions are applicable to the RahatFateh Ali Khan (RFAK) concert Invitation.
  • The minimum purchase amount on www.sahulatbazar.com or Value Back credits in your ARY Sahulat Wallet required to qualify for the RahatFateh Ali Khan (RFAK) concert Invitation:


AAJA 2014 Announces Annual Convention in Washington D.C.

Join more than 850 journalists, news executives, media researchers and community leaders at the 24th Annual AAJA National Convention at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel, August 13-16, 2014.

Whether you are a media industry veteran, new to the field or still in school, the convention is a can’t-miss event for media professionals and future journalists looking to network and grow in their careers. The four-day convention includes plenary sessions, panel workshops, seminars and other activities with interactive discussions about industry and community issues. The convention’s Career Fair & Expo features top news and media companies, universities and journalism industry services, along with one-on-one critiques with veteran journalists and other opportunities for professional and student journalists.


“On behalf of the Washington, D.C. chapter, we are excited to welcome AAJA members and friends to the nation’s capital in 2014,” said convention co-chairs Seung Min Kim, congressional reporter, Politico, and Sherri Ly, reporter, WTTG FOX 5. “With the campaign season for midterm elections in full swing, all eyes will be on Washington, and it will be an exciting time to be in the District.”

The 2014 National Convention will include an unforgettable speaker panel of internationally renowned orators and industry luminaries. The convention will culminate with the AAJA Gala Scholarship & Awards Banquet on Saturday, Aug. 16. AAJA student scholarship recipients will be honored, and national journalism and special awards will be presented to recognize excellence in journalism.

Click here to view on the AAJA website.

Former Journalist become Queen of Spain

According to Reuters, A divorced former journalist, Letizia Ortiz, became Spain’s first commoner queen on Thursday when her husband, Felipe VI, was sworn in as king.

With a background contrasting deeply with the royal privileges of her husband, many see in the 41-year-old former TV anchor the survival of the monarchy because of her down-to-earth middle-class roots.

Felipe, 46, became king after his father, Juan Carlos, abdicated earlier this month following a series of scandals and a period of poor health.

.Ortiz, daughter of a journalist and a nurse and the granddaughter of a taxi-driver, dated Felipe in secret before their engagement was announced in November 2003. They met at a dinner organised by a journalist friend.

“The monarchy seems medieval to me, but if there has to be a queen I would prefer it to be someone who doesn’t have blue blood,” he said

Ortiz divorced in 1999 after a year of marriage with her former high-school literature teacher, Alonso Guerrero.

Her profile is similar to those of other royal partners elsewhere in Europe, and she has been compared with Kate Middleton, the wife of Britain’s Prince William, who is believed to be one of the reasons for a surge in popularity at the House of Windsor.

“The preparation of the future queen is solid … because before she was queen … she was a woman with a degree, who comes from the lower middle class with parents and grandparents who had to work for a living,” Paloma Barrientos, a reporter who covers the palace in Madrid, told Reuters.

Spain's new King Felipe VI, wearing the Sash of Captain-General, kisses his wife Queen Letizia as his mother Queen Sofia looks on during a ceremony at La Zarzuela Palace in MadridBorn in the northern Spanish city of Oviedo in 1972, Ortiz worked as a journalist at newspapers La Nueva España and ABC, as well as at news agency EFE before TV channels at Bloomberg, CNN+ and Spain’s state TV company Television Española.

She worked in Mexico for Siglo XXI and covered stories such as the 9/11 attacks on New York and the Iraq war.

Ortiz made headlines when the couple announced their engagement and she told Felipe in public to shut up. “Let me finish,” she said, smiling, in front of a throng of cameras.

Letizia and Felipe have two children Leonor, 8 and Sofia, 7.

Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortiz The Bride: ‪Letizia Ortiz, former divorced journalist.‬
Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortiz The Bride: ‪Letizia Ortiz, former divorced journalist.‬

According to a report of Wall Street Journal, Juan Carlos said he had decided late last year to step down, and on Wednesday made his abdication official by signing a law clearing the way for his son’s ceremonial installation Thursday. During the spring, as the family prepared secretly for the handover, the prince and princess put their private lives more in the limelight, dining out and strolling in public with their daughters, Leonor, 8, and Sofia, 7. Last month the Royal House opened a Twitter account.

Spain’s Queen Letizia shared a kiss with her husband, King Felipe as thousands cheered at Madrid’s royal palace on Thursday.

Letizia is being compared to Kate because they’re both beautiful commoners without royal blood, and both have the same flair for fashion, often wearing similar outfits.

“They even have a similar hairstyle, the same color hair, and they both look completely polished and royal,” said Kast.

Letizia is 41 and has two adorable daughters who joined their parents on the palace balcony.
The new queen used to be a working girl as TV news anchor Letizia Ortiz on the air in Spain. She married King Felipe 10 years ago after divorcing her first husband.

The world’s newest queen has a hint of naughtiness in her past. A topless portrait was painted by an artist who says he fell in love with Letizia before she met the future king.

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Pakistani Fashion in London

fashion_parade_may_2014Pakistani fashion was celebrated amongst international fashion editors, film directors and esteemed marketing heads of huge corporations. Encyclomedia’s young CEO Ammara Hikmat, thinks the project was successful in getting strong Pakistani aesthetics across borders making just the right connections with an international market. She says, ‘The idea of Fashion Parade was to develop the finest entrepreneurial ecosystem for creative talent of the country outside Pakistan. This event is not just about exhibiting clothes, it’s about making meaningful connections, which will help stimulate new business in the field’.
pakistan-fashion-week-3-london Fashion Parade’s objective was to further retail and give Pakistani designers an international platform to showcase their creative abilities. The event was attended by many international names like Gurinder Chadda (film director of Bend it like Beckham fame), Zoheb Hassan, Sacha Stone, Ciro Orsini, Abbas Hassan and fashion heads like Ahlya Fateh of Tata Naka and Hiro &Radhika Harjani of Aftershock. The prestigious event was also attended by CEO of Vitabiotics Mr Kartar Lilwani, famous 90’s singer Sonique Clark and from the print world CEO of Asiana Magazine Ashok Dhawan also attended the show.



A little star power was also added to the event by Ali Zafar in attendance who was invited by Marketing guru, Suhel Seth, to draw the raffle prizes at the event.

Sadia Siddiqui, dynamic CEO of Mustang, who managed the event said ‘Fashion parade was launched in London to bring the world of Asian Fashion to the capital and to show the wonders of Pakistsn design. It is important to me that UK sees another side to Pakistani culture.


Pakistani Fashion in London

Representatives of 26 countries are taking part in the 9th edition of the Belarusian international media forum in Minsk. Pictured are First Deputy Information Minister of Belarus Lilia Ananich and Minsk Mayor Nikolai Ladutko.

The 9th edition of the Belarusian international media forum, Partnership for the Future: Realities of the Global World, opens in Minsk on 10 June, BelTA learnt from the Information Ministry, one of the organizers of the event.

Representatives of 26 countries are taking part in the 9th edition of the Belarusian international media forum in Minsk. Pictured are First Deputy Information Minister of Belarus Lilia Ananich and Minsk Mayor Nikolai Ladutko.
Representatives of 26 countries are taking part in the 9th edition of the Belarusian international media forum in Minsk.
Pictured are First Deputy Information Minister of Belarus Lilia Ananich and Minsk Mayor Nikolai Ladutko.

Partaking in the forum will be representatives of the CIS Executive Committee, the CSTO, foreign experts, political analysts, media from the CIS, non-CIS and Baltic states (a total of about 500 participants from 26 states). The forum is aimed at the discussion of current problems given new geopolitical and economic realities and the role of the media in these processes.

A plenary session will be a centerpiece of the forum. It will gather more than 250 journalists at the National Olympic Committee on 10 June. The themes for discussion will include: “Challenges and Threats of 21 century. Role of International Community in Conflict and War Prevention”, “Sovereignization and Integration. The Eurasian Economic Union as Platform for Creation of a New World”, “World Communication in Multipolar World”. Partaking in the debates will be ITAR-TASS First Deputy Director General (Russia) Mikhail Gusman, Kazinform head (Kazakhstan) Dauren Diyarov, diplomatic analyst Leonid Mlechin’s Documentary TV show host (Russia) Leonid Mlechin, Editor-in-Chief of Caucasian Policy internet portal member of the Council on Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Maksim Shevchenko, Chairman of the research and analytical public organization Integration and Development (Armenia) Aram Safaryan, and many more.

On 11 June the Institute of Journalism of the Belarusian State University will open a summer school of journalism that will feature master classes of leading Belarusian and foreign reporters. On 12 June the participants of the media forum will travel to the Nesvizh Castle for an expert session “Hospitable Belarus”.

The guests will be offered a cultural program including a sightseeing tour around Minsk, a tour to the historical and cultural complex Stalin’s Line, and a concert of the exemplary orchestra of the Belarusian Armed Forces. The participants of the media forum will lay a wreath to the Victory Square monument to mark the 70th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation from Nazi invaders.

The Belarusian international medial forum is a traditional discussion platform for exchanging opinions and working out new ideas and concepts by representatives of the expert and media community of the CIS and non-CIS countries.

The forum is organized by the Information Ministry of Belarus, the Union State Permanent Committee, the CIS Interstate Fund of Humanitarian Cooperation, the Belarusian Union of Journalists under the auspices of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, the CIS Executive Committee, the Ecoom analytical center, the Minsk City Hall and oblast executive committees.

courtesy : The republican unitary enterprise Belarusian Telegraph Agency

2014 SAJA Journalism Awards

The South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA) is accepting entries for the 2014 SAJA Journalism Awards in 11 separate categories, including the Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding Reporting, for stories on South Asia and/or the South Asian diaspora.  According to SAJA Awards Chair Anup Kaphle the deadline for entering the awards is June 30, 2014. The winners will be announced at SAJA’s 20th Annual Awards Gala in November in New York City. 

sajaThere is a $50 entry fees for each category (student category is free), which requires your name, title of your entry, and full permanent URL of your work. Please read the instructions for each award category and to apply, click on the categories. and in case of any questions, any body can email SAJA Awards Chair Anup Kaphle at awards@saja.org

Full information on the categories and how to apply is available here: http://saja.org/awards

Annual Competition for Digital Documentary

Documentarians worldwide can participate in a festival in Amsterdam.

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) seeks interactive and new media projects for its annual competition for digital documentary storytelling. The festival will take place from Nov. 19 to 30.

The event will showcase more than 250 documentaries, from international audience favorites to artistic experiments. IDFA also includes interactive documentaries and other nonfiction forms of digital storytelling, including games, apps, installations and media art.


The deadline to submit a documentary has been extended to Aug. 1. Projects must have been completed after April 2014. Prizes range from EUR1,500 (US$2,048) to EUR12,000 (US$16,389).