Broadcast India Show in Mumbai

Broadcast India Show in Mumbai

Broadcast India Show in Mumbai

bi_logoGet ready. The time’s come for an exclusive peek into what the human mind can envision when it comes to the world of broadcast, film and entertainment. When the curtain rises at the Broadcast India Show, be prepared to see ordinary expectations shatter. Gear up to watch the lords of technology covering broadcast, film, audio, radio from its content creation to its management and delivery. At the Broadcast India Show, they’ll be exhibiting the most recent breakthroughs, the seemingly impossible moves and even what the future hasn’t yet imagined.

After all, this show has stood for newer horizons in the making for over two decades, when the world was still exploring the known limits in the infotainment industry. This time too, companies and corporations, veterans and professionals, suppliers and customers, visionaries, stalwarts and other stakeholders from the industry will explore a new power-era by optimizing opportunities, facilitating trade links and enabling info-exchange on a global level.

You can choose to be just a visitor or actively join the harbingers of change. But whatever you do, remember this last year, the Broadcast India show changed the perspectives of 20,000+ global visitors and participants from more than 35 countries. This year, in its 24th edition, we believe that many more will benefit from this opportunity. The question is, how powered up are you?

A 2-day conference is hosted along with the main exhibition and forms an integral part of the show by facilitating wide-spectrum participation from CEO’s, directors and proprietors of companies to engineers, technicians and technologists. In the process, it creates a melting pot of in-depth presentations, cross-pollinating discussions, analytical forums and enlightening perspectives.


For us, it was an extremely successful exhibition. It was our first time here. It was very helpful being here because the industry meets during this exhibition and that gave us the opportunity instead of let’s say travelling around India. It was a very useful place to be.
Renato Jost – Chief Sales Officer, Neutrik, Switzerland
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