All set to launch Nai Baat TV

All set to launch Nai Baat TV

All set to launch Nai Baat TV

According to Nai Baat official TV’s management, Nai Baat has the most modern technology and experience to compete, capability with high tech technology and managerial experience with team oriented work; flow and focus to the goal will make us better than the industry leaders. Our educational experience, project management skills with enthusiastic and passionate team will help us become the trend setters.

The Nai Baat team is spread all across the globe. Our correspondents and reporters will provide us reliable information and help us to keep you up-to-date with all the local and global news. Our well connected correspondents will provide you real news from all over the world.

Nai Baat will open offices in all major cities of Pakistan. This Nai Baat network will allow us to bring to you the latest happenings in a different way.

ceoChaudhary Abdul Rehman is the CEO of upcoming Nai Baat TV, He says
Fourteen years of Superior have made me realize that Dreams can be achieved through hard work, dedication and passion. Inspired from the Quranic verse, ‘’MAN GETS WHATEVER HE STRIVES FOR’’ my vision to facilitate Superior Human Beings has always been my top priority. I believe that education is the only solution to all Pakistani problems. Superior lays great emphasis on academic excellence and our complete career path gives a specific direction to students, relating to their relevant fields. The Spirit Schools develop a strong educational base for our students. The Superior College strengthens their personal character and makes them punctual, responsible and hardworking in every situation. The Superior University’s experience instills analytical skills and makes them learn the art to become adept and adapt themselves to any condition.

The University life also makes them confident to face professional world with ease. Our educational network across Pakistan is an example of how we are developing a Superior Pakistan. Our Daily Newspaper “Nai Baat” and “FM Radio 106.6” are educating the Nation on a wider horizon. Now the Superior Group envisions to have a T.V Channel through which we can portray true emotions of Pakistani Nation. My journey to change people mind set will continue because We Dream To Achieve and that is what we teach to our Superior Family. Lets develop a Superior Pakistan which can discover a Superior in every Pakistani.


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